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     Jeffrey Hunter: Un Buen Chico Sera Un Bandito (in Spanish, with photos)
     Jeffrey Hunter: A Nice Guy Will Be a Bandit (English translation of article directly above, no photos)
     Jeffrey Hunter, Un Bandido Con Los Ojos Azules (in Spanish, with photos)
     Jeffrey Hunter, a Bandit With Blue Eyes (English translation of article directly above, no photos)

     Male Call
     Happy in Hollywood

     He Wanted a Divorce for Xmas
     Jeffrey Hunter, Un Actor Que Habla Poco De Si Mismo (in Spanish, with photos)
     Jeffrey Hunter, An Actor Who Speaks Little of Himself (English translation of article directly above, no photos)

     Jeffrey Hunter: Du western sous tous les cieux (Under all the western skies) (in French)

     Jeffrey Hunter (El Hombre) Part 1 (in Spanish, with photos)
     Jeffrey Hunter (El Hombre) Part 2 (in Spanish, with photos)
     Jeffrey Hunter (The man) Parts 1 and 2 (English translation of the article directly above, no photos)

      The Wedding That Shocked Hollywood
      The Surprise Marriage of Emily McLaughlin & Jeff Hunter!
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