February 5, 2019:  Twenty-eight more mobile-friendly articles have been added!  Click on the links below:

1954: O Que Eu Vi No Festival
1956: When They Were Sixteen, The Rebel With a Cause, Alone – But Not For Long
1957: Preparedness and Opportunity (versions in the original German,, and translated into English), and Good Guys Sometimes Win
1963: Hunter’s Paradise!
1965: Male Call and Happy in Hollywood
1966: He Wanted a Divorce for Xmas
1967: Jeffrey Hunter: Du western sous tous les cieux (in French) and Jeffrey Hunter: Westerns All Over the World (English translation of the French article)
1968: Jeffrey Hunter (El Hombre) (in Spanish) and Jeffrey Hunter (The Man) (English translation of the Spanish article)

On the Film and TV Articles page:
1951: Take Care of My Little Girl
1952: Belles on Their Toes, Dreamboat, and Lure of the Wilderness
1954: Three Young Texans and Princess of the Nile
1955: Movie Play Recommends: White Feather
1957: The True Story of Jesse James
1958: Count Five and Die and In Love and War

On the In Memoriam page:
How Emily McLaughlin Fights Loneliness (1970), All the Way Home (1975), and I Only Say Thank You (unknown date)

November 11, 2018:  Nineteen more mobile-friendly articles have been added!  Click on the links below:

1954: How Jeffrey Hunter Keeps Physically Fit, People Stop and Stare, Acallin’ on the Hunters, and Mexican Holiday

1955: The Young and the Beautiful, Why Did It Happen?, I’m So Sorry About Barbara and Jeff, The Ladies Want to Be His Consolation Prize, Hunter’s Hideaway, and Las Vegas Lark

1962: Miracle of Faith

1964: Ten Push-Ups and I Simmer Down and The Marriage That Almost Wasn’t

1969: I Spent My Honeymoon With Our Best Man

On the Film and TV Articles page:
Gun for a Coward (1956), and The Last Hurrah (1958)

On the In Memoriam page:
Emily McLaughlin Reveals the Truth About Her Husband’s Tragic Death (1970), I Came Through Heartbreak to Happiness! (1975), and “He Taught Me the True Meaning of Love!” (1975)

October 7, 2018:  Twenty-nine more mobile-friendly articles have been added!  Click on the links below:

1953: Call Me Pop, The Most Exciting Men in Hollywood, Gettin’ the Treatment, and Barbara’s Guy

1954: His Heart’s Desire, Barbara’s Shining Hour, and We’re Not Afraid

1956: Jeff Hunter Calls It Quits

1962: Jeffrey Hunter: A Man Reborn and Actor’s Choice

1964: Jeffrey Hunter: Un Buen Chico Sera Un Bandito and the English translation for that article, Jeffrey Hunter: A Nice Guy Will Be a Bandit.
Also, Jeffrey Hunter, Un Bandido Con Los Ojos Azules and the English translation for that article, Jeffrey Hunter, A Bandit With Blue Eyes.
The photos from the Spanish articles were also added to their existing “widescreen” English translations.

1966: Jeffrey Hunter, Un Actor Que Habla Poco De Sí Mismo and the English translation for that article, Jeffrey Hunter, An Actor Who Speaks Little of Himself.
The photos from the Spanish article were also added to its existing “widescreen” English translation.

On the In Memoriam page:
Jeffrey Hunter Dies in Accident! (1969), and Love Brought My Late Husband Back to Me (1974)

On the Posthumous Articles and Tributes page:
Jeffrey Hunter: A Pretty Face May Have Been His Downfall! (1984), Jeffrey Hunter – Hollywoods schönster Allroundmime (2000) and the English translation for that article, Jeffrey Hunter: Hollywood’s Most Handsome All-round Actor.
Also, Strange Days: Jeffrey Hunter (2002) and Too Nice (2004)

And finally, on the Star Trek Articles page (all from 1984):
The Menagerie (Part 1), The Menagerie (Part 2), and The Menagerie (Part 3)

September 16, 2018:  One photo has been added to the With Barbara Rush page, and one to the Black and White Photos page.

August 20, 2018:  Eighteen more mobile-friendly articles have been added!  Click on the links below:

Infanticipatin’ (1952), Young Man With a Future (1952), To Barbara With Love (1952), Private Life of Jeff Hunter (1952), Father and… (1953), You Belong to Me (1953), Darling, Wish You Were Here (1953), Lucky 3 (1954), Papas are Made – not Born (1954), No Divorce For Us! (1954), The House That’s Really a Home (1955), Barbara and Jeff: Split in Haste! Repenting at Leisure? (1956), King of Kings (April 1961), The Man Who Plays Jesus (1961), King of Kings (April 1962), The Man Who Played “King of Kings” (2010), The Surprise Marriage of Emily McLaughlin & Jeff Hunter! (1969), The Unknown Captain (1996)

July 7, 2018:  Twenty-four more mobile-friendly PDFs have been added! These include:

On the In Memoriam page, all four newspaper obituaries have been added, as well as these magazine articles (all from 1969, click on the links to view): He Had Changed So Much, Jeffrey Hunter Dies at 42: A New Life Cut Short, and At the Height of Happiness – Death.

All Scrapbook mobile-friendly PDFs have now been added! Visit that page to view them.

Finally, three other magazine articles have been added in mobile-friendly form (click on the links to view): He Made It – Single-Handed (1953), They don’t need a crowd (1954), and She Has Her Cake…and Eats It Too (1954).

June 24, 2018:  Nine photos have been added to The Christmas Kid page.

June 9, 2018:  Sixteen more mobile-friendly articles have been added!  Click on the links below:

Looking Around (1953), Return of the Hunter (1953), Prevue’s Guy of the Month (1953), The Role I Liked Best (1953), What Marriage Has Taught Me (1953), Hunters’ Paradise (1953), Towards the Sun (1954), Sergeant Rutledge (film story, with photos) (1960), I Was Only a Man Playing God (1964), Notes on Jeffrey Hunter and His Films (Part 1) (1974), Notes on Jeffrey Hunter and His Films (Part 2) (1974), Jeffrey Hunter Biography (1985), Character Profile: Christopher Pike (1985), The Cage (story told by the program, with many photos) (1985), Jeffrey Hunter: Heaven on the Face (1990), Temple Houston: The Story Behind a Forgotten Television Western

May 29, 2018:  Another batch of mobile-friendly articles has been added!  Click on the links below:

Fan Club Guest Section focused on Jeff! (1952), White Feather (film pictorial) Part 1 (1955), White Feather (film pictorial) Part 2 (1955), The Searchers (story of the film, with photos) (1956), He Got Out From Behind the 8 Ball (1956), Great Films from the Greatest Book (with a focus on King of Kings) (1961), Jeff Hunter Breaks Hollywood Jinx (1964), The Wedding That Shocked Hollywood (1969), Jeffrey Hunter: The Eyes Have It (1975), A Friendship Remembered (1984), Jeffrey Hunter chapter, from the book “Famous Wisconsin Film Stars” (2002), Journey Into Fear: a lost Eric Ambler Story (2005)

May 9, 2018:  More mobile-friendly articles have been added!  Click on the links below:

Game for a Party? (1952), Just Lucky (1955), My Wife’s Love Saved My Life (1958), Jeffrey Hunter in King of Kings (1961), Star Trek’s First Captain: Jeffrey Hunter (1984)

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