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The photo on the right is from the very first episode of “The F.B.I.”, with the title “The Monster”. Jeff and Dina Merrill guest-starred; here they are pictured with series star Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.


AirdateProgram InformationAirdate or Production dateProgram Information
27 May 1953"This Is Your Life" as "Himself" in episode: "Hanna Bloch Kohner"18 October 1963"Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theater" playing "Gabe Flanders" in episode: "Seven Miles of Bad Road"
5 February 1955"The George Gobel Show" playing "Himself"27 November 1964"Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theater" playing "Barry Stinson" in episode: "Parties to the Crime"
3 March 1955"Climax!" playing "Wesley Jerome Penn" in episode: "South of the Sun"10 June 1965"Kraft Suspense Theater" playing "Fred Girard" in episode: "The Trains of Silence"
30 May 1956"Disneyland" playing "Himself" in episode: "Behind the Scenes with Fess Parker" (making the film The Great Locomotive Chase)16 September 1965"The F.B.I." playing "Francis Jerome" in episode: "The Monster"
30 May 1956"The 20th-Century Fox Hour" playing "Dick Cannock" in episode: "The Empty Room"(produced in the mid-1960s)"Star Trek" playing "Captain Christopher Pike" in the series' first pilot, "The Cage". In its original pilot form, this program did not air on TV until the late 1980's.
12 December 1957"Climax!" playing "Phil Aubry" in episode: "Hurricane Diane"25 April 1966"The Legend of Jesse James" playing "Jeremy Thrallkill" in episode: "A Field of Wild Flowers"
9 November 1958"You Asked for It" playing "Himself"17 November 1966"Star Trek" playing "Captain Christopher Pike" in episode: "The Menagerie: Part 1"
19 November 1958"Pursuit" playing "Lt. Aaron Gibbs" in episode: "Kiss Me Again, Stranger"24 November 1966"Star Trek" playing "Captain Christopher Pike" in episode: "The Menagerie: Part 2"
24 January 1960"Our American Heritage" playing "John Charles Fremont" in episode: "Destiny, West!"1 December 1966"Daniel Boone" playing "Roark Logan" in episode: "Requiem for Craw Green"
7 May 1961"Disneyland" playing "William A. Fuller" in episode: "Andrews' Raiders: Part 1" (aka The Great Locomotive Chase)16 December 1966"The Green Hornet" playing "Emmet Crown" in episode: "Freeway to Death"
14 May 1961"Disneyland" playing "William A. Fuller" in episode: "Andrews' Raiders: Part 2" (aka The Great Locomotive Chase)15 February 1967"The Monroes" playing "Ed Stanley" in episode: "Wild Bull"
25 October 1961"Checkmate" playing "Edward 'Jocko' Townsend" in episode: "Waiting for Jocko"1 May 1968"Insight" playing "James Smith" in episode: "Madam"
29 August 1962"Here's Hollywood" playing "Himself"3 November 1968"The F.B.I." playing "Ralph Gordon Stuart" in episode: "The Enemies"
27 September 1962"The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" playing "Harold" in episode: "Don't Look Behind You"18 January 1969"Oh My Word" playing "Himself"
3 October 1962"Death Valley Days" playing "Captain Walter Reed, M.D" in episode: "Suzie"production date: May 1969"Insight" playing "Ken" in episode: "The Poker Game"
16 October 1962"Combat!" playing "Sgt. John Dane" in episode: "Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd"During the 1960s Two unsold pilots:
"The Equitable Life Theatre: Trial" (1961), as Father Edward Sorin
"Journey Into Fear: Seller's Market"(1966), as Dr. Howard Graham.
19 September 1963 to 2 April 1964"Temple Houston", playing the title role. Aired for 26 episodes.15 May 2000"E! Mysteries & Scandals" playing "Himself" (archive footage) in episode: "Jeffrey Hunter"