Presenting, for your listening pleasure….

Imagine yourself sitting by the radio in the 1950’s. Many folks don’t have TV yet. You listen in delighted anticipation for the voice of that handsome actor, Jeffrey Hunter, who impressed you, maybe even got your heart racing, in that movie you saw the other day. His acting talent really shines in these programs – they are great fun to listen to!

“The Pitchfork Experiment”, 3/26/1952
Family Theater
Host: Tony La Frano
Starring Macdonald Carey (as Lt. Howard),
Jeffrey Hunter (as Hugh),
Barbara Rush (as Dorothy Howard)
with Francis X. Bushman and Walter Brennan, Jr.
Length: 28:36

Listen to “The Pitchfork Experiment” here!


“Spunky”, 1/28/1953
Family Theater
Host: Larry Chatterton
Starring Jeffrey Hunter (as Dad),
Barbara Rush (as Mom),
Mel Blanc (as Pete)
Length: 24:22

Listen to “Spunky” here!


“Lure of the Wilderness”, 5/25/1953
Lux Radio Theater
Starring Jean Peters (as Laurie Harper),
Jeffrey Hunter (as Ben Tyler),
with Tim Graham, Sharon Douglas,
Russell Thorson, William Johnstone,
Sam Edwards, Edward Marr,
Herb Butterfield, Earl Keen
Length: 50:16


Listen to “Lure of the Wilderness” here!


“New Neighbor”, 5/27/1953
Family Theater
Host: Tony La Frano
Starring Jeffrey Hunter (as Jim),
Barbara Rush (as Patsy)
Length: 24:01


Listen to “New Neighbor” here!


“A Matter of Time”, 11/18/1953
Family Theater
Hostess: Barbara Rush
Starring Jeffrey Hunter (as Jim Reese)
Length: 29:05


Listen to “A Matter of Time” here!


“Beasley’s Boy”, 7/21/1954
Family Theater
Hostess: Hildegarde
Starring Jeffrey Hunter (as Jim)
Length: 29:05


Listen to “Beasley’s Boy” here!


“Rawhide”, 3/22/1955
Lux Radio Theater
Host: Irving Cummings
Starring Donna Reed (as Vinnie Holt),
Jeffrey Hunter (as Tom Owens),
William Conrad (as Zimmerman),
with Larry Dobkin and Jack Kruschen
Length: 47:39


Listen to “Rawhide” here!


“Deductive Reasoning”, 9/26/1956
Family Theater
Host: Jim Ameche
Starring Jeff Hunter (as Corey),
Betty Lynn (as Ann)
Length: 29:30


Listen to “Deductive Reasoning” here!