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      They don't need a crowd
      How Jeffrey Hunter Keeps Physically Fit
      She Has Her Cake...and Eats It Too
      Lucky 3
      Papas are Made - Not Born
      No Divorce For Us!
      People Stop and Stare
      His Heart's Desire
      Towards the Sun
      Acallin' on the Hunters
      Barbara's Shining Hour
      We're Not Afraid
      Mexican Holiday

      The House That's Really a Home
      The Young and the Beautiful
      Why Did It Happen?
      I'm So Sorry About Barbara and Jeff
      The Ladies Want to be His Consolation Prize
      Just Lucky
      Hunter's Hideaway
      Las Vegas Lark

     When They Were Sixteen
      Barbara and Jeff: Split in Haste! Repenting at Leisure?
      He Got Out From Behind the 8 Ball
      Jeff Hunter Calls It Quits
     The Rebel With a Cause
     Alone - But Not For Long

     Preparedness and Opportunity (in German)
     Preparedness and Opportunity (translated into English)
     Good Guys Sometimes Win

      My Wife's Love Saved My Life